We started Words For Parenting because sometimes, as a parent you just don’t know what to say. Lettering by Alanna Munro, Words by Jacquie Munro.

I Love You

artwork_i love you.png

With our words and touch we express our love for our little ones. We trace lines that have been drawn many times before us. We continue this circle and expand our world from one generation to the next. I Love You.

Circling your face, Jack,
I trace the roundness of our planet with my fingers
“Around the world.”

Finn, I place the tip of a finger on your forehead,
And draw it straight down towards your chin
“Down the Prime Meridian.”

As you fall asleep, James, I stroke three lines,
Across your face,
And name them as I draw
“Across the equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn.”
Transcribing the love of your great grandfather onto your skin,
Just as he did to me as a child
When I was his world.

Just as I poured these words into my own children,
To Sarah, to Alex.

This ritual of words, and fingers, and face
Has sent us all to sleep
Before our eyes have played beneath their lids,
Soaking in these words,
This touch.

To you I give the world.

“North Pole,” as I touch your hair,
“South Pole,” as I touch beneath your chin,
“Mount Everest,” as I lightly touch the tip of your nose,
“Mariana Trench,” as I place a finger across your lips.

You have always been a part of our bodies,
Our planet:
You have always been.

“Tundra,” anoints your forehead,
“Blue Pacific,” touches your eyes.

And soon, new one,
I will stroke the cartography of our love,
The world
Onto your face.

Alanna Munro